• Words are personification of feelings and its economic transformational representation is Shobdowala. In a Hamletian living Shobdowala gets dilemmatic; therefore, it brings about -a metamorphosis even in business. Lalon, Rabidranath, Nazrul, Modhushudan, Bivutivushan remain inside Shobdowala, in a likewise manner Dostoyvski, Kafka, Homer,Dante, Keats, Bithoven, Mozart equally live within. This experience teaches that words are not meant to be caged in mere words but it goes beyond, which directly embraces the love of feelings. In the fields of  Audio Production, Graphic Designing and Web Development Shobdowala depends only on art. Art saves it all. Even in these days of drought art survives and it will. Shobdowala knows the meaning of art, for art flows in the veins of Sobdowala along with blood. Words, sounds and colors are the weapons Shobdowala has practiced in its whole life. Shobdowala is awakened about the applied reality, as well as, the surrealism in words. Even in business it is artistic.